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Lucy brings grass

The eagleholic roller coaster – from tears of sadness to tears of joy within 5 minutes – Lucy brings grass to the nest!

March 10, 2013 , , , , , , , ,

After watching the Blackwater nest this afternoon and the realization of the loss of the chick there,  I checked for updates around the ‘net for other eagle news.  And happy surprise,  I saw that Talon has posted a video showing Lucy from the eagles4kids nest bringing grass into the nest!  This may not seem all that remarkable if you don’t know Lucy’s story, but I about jumped out of my chair with joy to see Lucy gripping and flying in with that grass with her good foot. At least for me, the first real moment that I’ve seen her grip so well with her left foot and something I admit I was a bit worried about.   Another amazing moment at the Eagles4kids nest!  Thank you Talon for all you do and for the video!   Video link here

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Way to go Lucy…Your stronger than you know…

Nancy Vassi

March 11, 2013

Yes, tears for sure. And don’t you just love her mate Larry…beautiful photo too!


March 10, 2013

Bless her little hear! Thanks so much for sharing this – it brought tears to my eyes to see her bringing something in like that and more to watch her settling in with her egg. Yes, and thanks Talon for the video – what a joy.

Cindy Anderson

March 10, 2013

Hurray for Lucy!! These beautiful birds never cease to amaze me! ♥

Nancy Froio

March 10, 2013


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