Yukon (YECL) eaglecam event and season camera schedule

YECL juvenile eagle

Seen in a couple of places on the web in various versions, the YECL folks have announced that the cam will turn off on Sept 8 for the season, and will come back on approximately Mar 14, 2014.   There is also a special event on Sept 5.  Link to cam: http://new.livestream.com/Yecleagles/events/2087971  pic shows juvie visiting this morning.

Below is a list of info as I’ve seen it posted:

  1. Chat will join YECL at an event on Sept 5, 1500-1600 nest time (I think that’s 3pm Pacific time)
  2. Cam will be turned off late day on Sept 8
  3. Cam will be turned back on for next season approx Mar 14, 2014
  4. next season will include experts for Q&A sessions
  5. There will not be sound next year, but trying for better cam resolution
  6. They are creating a YouTube channel for videos

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