Eaglecam list re-set for 2014 season

I have re-set the cam list page to get ready for the new season.  If you had a direct link bookmarked to last year’s eaglecam list, you will need to update it.  The new page is: https://eagleholic.wordpress.com/bald-eagle-cams-2014/   (or of course you can always go to the main page: eagleholic.wordpress.com, and click the menu link for the cam list)

Lots of the nests are in the process of updating everything at this time of year, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the status noted on the list as to whether cam is online or offline, I’m sure it will change often over the next couple of months.   I will update them as things get settled and would love to have you let me know if you have info on final status or plans for the year for any of the cams and you see that I haven’t updated the status yet!  Just leave a comment on any page of the site, I will  see it.

Looking forward to the new season with all of the wonderful eaglecam nests and all of you wonderful eaglecam watchers!!


5 thoughts on “Eaglecam list re-set for 2014 season”

  1. Thank you so much Twizz for you list—we use often on the SWFEC chat—giving you credit—to let our chatters know where all the cams are!! It’s a very valuable tool for us!!

  2. Thanks Twizz, for all you do and to keep us updated. I’m hoping the SWF eagle cam is repaired and all goes well.

    Thank you!
    Sandy in Omaha

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