Decorah Eaglecam up and running at the new nest!

Decorah Yonder (N2) nest

Woohoo!  RRP has turned on the new cams on the “yonder” nest that Mom and Dad Decorah used last year (the new nest).  They have indicated that they will refer to the nests as N1 (the original nest) and N2 (the new nest).   There are two cams on the new nest, one fixed cam and one mini-PTZ.   Per the RRP info page: “We have cameras at the original nest also, but unless the eagles frequent there like they did in 2013 after the eaglets fledged, we will only leave on the cam at the new nest.  We have the option to switch between both nests if we need to.”   Link to cam:

5 thoughts on “Decorah Eaglecam up and running at the new nest!”

  1. So happy to being a new season, hope for smooth sailing through the exiting phases of laying, hatching, parental attention, and all the wonderful views and comments from watchers and guidance from our moderators & of course the sad/happy days of fledging and successful fly-aways. I’ll be here! Karen Cotter (puphappy)

  2. This is awesome news. I can’t wait to watch. Now, could someone be so kind to remind me when nesting season starts???

    Thank you,

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