2013/2014 Season Egg Watch Calendar

Estimated time frame for eggs to arrive based on 2013 data – but of course only Mother Nature knows for sure! To see the actual laying dates for this year when they happen, check the main Eagle Cam List, all of the 2014 dates are shown there next to each nest link.  Thanks!

6 thoughts on “2013/2014 Season Egg Watch Calendar”

  1. Thank you, twizzkid, for the sad update. Perhaps her age of 25+ caught up with her. “Beloved” is the very much the right word.


    1. Yes, the beloved Queen of Catalina, Wray, disappeared a few months ago. She has not been seen since that time, so what happened is unknown. K87 arrived and has been showing courtship behavior with Superman for quite a while now. She is young, having just reached maturity. Bonding has been seen, but so far no eggs.

  2. Rats but thanks for update on first egg laid. I was blessed to see mom and dad often this winter and also Survivor. Praying for great year without sadness. Thanks for all your do Twizz

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