First egg of the season arrives at Berry College eaglecam!

Berry College first egg

Wow! mom Berry has laid her first egg of the season!  Last year the first egg at this nest was laid about 3 weeks earlier (in late Dec).  Berry dad has been primping and fluffing that nest bowl for weeks! So exciting to see an egg arrive!  Mom Berry has had some foot injuries this year, so that adds to the happiness of the new egg at this nest.   Big thanks to my friends at Eagle Friends for alerting me to the news!  I had checked earlier in the day and the nest was empty. We even have a video thanks to crayj!     Video link: The look on Dad Berry’s face as the egg arrives is priceless!!!

7 thoughts on “First egg of the season arrives at Berry College eaglecam!”

  1. Mr and Mrs Berry are called Martha and Henry. Martha Berry was founder of Berry College and Henry Ford a dear friend. This couple had 2 eggs last year and both eaglets fledged and flew away. This is a great couple and have spent a lot of time working on the nest

  2. I love the Berry College Eagle nest very much. Thank you for letting us have a look into the lives of Mr and Mrs Berry bald eagles. Congratulation on the the first egg of 2014. I am also praying for continued healing for Mrs. Berrys injured left leg/foot. I know that Mr Berry will be a great dad and will be a big help for Mrs Berry. So sweet of his attempt to feed her and stayed with her through the whole process of laying of her egg. I love them both dearly. Thank you.♥♥

    1. Oh my gosh, aren’t they just a wonderful eagle couple? So fun to see how their first year with a cam on the nest is shaping up! So glad you will be watching and thanks for taking time to comment and share your wonderful words about the nest! ..Twizzkid

      1. Wow, I just realized I am part of the first year cam community, awesome. Do you know if it is the first eggs from this couple? How old are they.? Finally, how long have this couple been together?
        Would love to know. Thank you for posting my previous comment.♥♥

      2. Oh my gosh, just realized I hadn’t replied to you, so sorry! Isn’t it so fun to watch a first year cam nest? There is so much to learn! I do know that this isn’t the couple’s first year of egg laying (if it is the same couple) Last year we were able to watch from a cam in the parking lot (not in the nest) and they raised two fledglings. As to how long they’ve been together and how old they are, I don’t know right off the bat, but know a couple of people who are also following the nest very closely, so I will see what I can find out.

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