After 8 nest removals by the city, Dad Norfolk and the Eagle On Alliance continue their work to stop the city’s harassment

Eagle Dad Norfolk and his new missus (also known as Dirty Tail, or DT) continue to try to build nests in the Norfolk Botanical Garden.  It is his home and territory. The city continues to destroy the nests, and the Eagle On Alliance group of supporters continues their lawsuit and fight to stop harassment of the eagles.  (Links to more info below)  The Eagle On Alliance, a group of supporters of the Norfolk nest, recently amended their lawsuit to include the airport as a defendant and have just released a new updated website with information on all that is happening in the fight.  To learn more,  visit the following links:   Their new website:  or the Facebook page:    And for a really wonderful short video that outlines the history of what has happened to the beloved and previously on cam eagles, Hope Reed has put together a great summary that you can find here:

10 thoughts on “After 8 nest removals by the city, Dad Norfolk and the Eagle On Alliance continue their work to stop the city’s harassment”

  1. I heard just a few days ago that the Vancouver airport is using a 2 year old Baldie to keep the geese,Dunlins etc away from the runways! There is no need to get rid of these beautiful creatures. We are simply subtracting from our own nest!
    Love to read all your detailed info!

  2. I think the city of Norfolk is disgusting on removal of poor dad’s attempts to nest and raise babies! As far as I know–only one eagle has been hit by a plane! Have you no feelings Nature and our National Bird? They will continue because this is his home!

  3. Eagle On! We support EOA on protecting our eagles, Dad Norfolk and #3 DT. They are just trying to be a family. The city of Norfolk is violating the eagles life cycle and should be sued for that. Our eagels are protected under the Bald and Golden eagle act and the city of Norfolk should be sued and STOPPED from destroying their life cycle and their home. The city of Norfolk has no heart to be able to do this to our eagles. I am with Eagle on Alliance, Eagle on and justice will prevail for Dad Norforlk and DT!!


  4. Harassing this pair of eagles and destroying their nests is not working, they are not leaving. The city of Norfolk needs to reexamine their options, look at what other airports of similar size are doing, and adopt some sensible solutions to keeping ALL wildlife and humans safe from harm. Eagle On Alliance has provided the city with tons of research, yet it’s all been ignored. Time to take another look, Norfolk.

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