First egg of the season arrives for eagles Savannah and Derek at the Carolina Raptor Center!

Carolina Raptor Center

Savannah has laid her first egg for this year! Link to cam: While it is about 3 weeks later than last year, they were just recently moved back into their remodeled enclosure.  Seems they are comfortable now and are getting down to business 🙂   Congrats to the Carolina Raptor Center, Savannah and Derek and all who watch this nest! 

2 thoughts on “First egg of the season arrives for eagles Savannah and Derek at the Carolina Raptor Center!”

  1. Hi there! I want to thank you for this site. Awesome! I was wondering if any else had problems receiving the live cams at the Carolina Raptor Center and Glacier Gardens. I had Carolina last season and the new Glacier just one day. No matter what I do, none of my computers will load the cams. I watch the majority of cams listed and no problems with any others. Suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Glad you like the site! I am able to get the Carolina Raptor Center, but only in the last couple of weeks, as it was down before that due to the rennovations. I know they use Microsoft Media Player which is different from most sites, so that may be causing some problems. I had to change a couple of settings in order to do screen captures, but the site loads okay. Perhaps try a different Internet Browser. As far as Glacier, I also have had trouble getting that one to load lately. So not sure what the status is there. I will try it again tomorrow and see if it comes up for me. Let me know if you are still having problems at Carolina Raptor Center and I’ll try to help further. Twizz

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