Eagle struck and killed by a plane at Norfolk Airport this morning!

Yes, that Norfolk.  Today, again, a plane has landed on an eagle at Norfolk International Airport.  Folks involved with the Eagle On Alliance, the group that has continued to fight the city and other agencies who have taken the approach of “protecting” the airport by removing eagle nests in Norfolk Botanical Garden are working to gather more details on what happened.     So many hearts are breaking as people remember the loss of Mom Norfolk 3 years ago when she was also hit by a plane while sitting on the runway.   Any loss of an eagle in this way is heartbreaking and so many are especially worried that it might be Dad Norfolk or his new mate.  More information will be available as soon as they can gather it at the Eagle On Alliance website (link above) or the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NorfolkBotanicalGardenEagleAlliance   Here also is a link to the news story about the incident in the Virginia Pilot Newspaper’s Pilotonline website  http://hamptonroads.com/2014/01/bald-eagle-hit-plane-killed-norfolk-airport

12 thoughts on “Eagle struck and killed by a plane at Norfolk Airport this morning!”

  1. God Bless Dad Norfolk and DT! We all pray it isn’t DT! Our hearts are broken that another eagle lost its life because of negligence. How could you not see an eagle on the runway? Somebody was not doing their job. Shame on Norfolk. Our eagles are our National Symbol and should be treated like that. Our eagles are sacred! Stop the harrassment and help them! What is so hard about that? We hope to see a family through Dad Norfolk and DT eventually when Norfolk comes to their senses., And.. we pray they will!!

  2. What happened our beloved eagle that was killed? Was it Dad Norfolk, DT-#3 or another eagle? Eagle Nation of the United States demands answers! What is there to hide? Shame on Norfolk. You have put shame to our United States Symbol of Freedom! What’s up with that? We All Love our Dad Norfolk, DT-#3 and All other Eagles! Why can’t you love them too?

    1. At this point my understanding is no one has been able to determine if it was Dad or DT. I know there are folks trying to get the opportunity to do that, but as of now no one has any information.

  3. Breaks my heart. Tragic to lose any eagle, but the thought of another loss at the Gardens is too hard to even imagine. If the airport would only do more in wildlife management and the nest removals (8) would stop, perhaps we would be watching a nesting pair again.

  4. Twizz,
    My heart is breaking. How can the City of Norfolk, the airport and even our government continue to let this happen!! It’s unconscionable. I agree with Margie. I can’t believe that in 2014 a workable solution can’t be found to this problem. The loss of any eagle is tragic. I do pray it’s not Dad Norfolk or his new mate. Eggs are being laid now so this incident could be double tragic. Twizz, I know you will keep us posted. Thank you for all that you do for us.

    Sandy Stricklin in Omaha, NE

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