Update on Norfolk eagle killed – confirmation that it was NOT Dad Norfolk

Per the Eagle On Alliance FB page.  At this point the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) has determined based on body measurements that the eagle that was killed 3 days ago at the airport was a female.  They also looked to compare that Dad Norfolk had a distinctive spot in his eye, which was not found on the eagle killed.  This would rule out it being Dad Norfolk.  Many are still searching and watching in the area hoping for a sighting of both Dad Norfolk and his mate DT in hopes of confirming that it was not her.  However, at this point, my understanding is that it is not known, although of course there are other eagles in the area and there is no particular reason to think that it is  her.  The only thing we know based on VDGIF info is that it was not Dad Norfolk.

4 thoughts on “Update on Norfolk eagle killed – confirmation that it was NOT Dad Norfolk”

  1. I’m so glad it isn’t Dad N and I hope it isn’t DT. Dad has been through enough. I hope that Eagle on Alliance is successful in convincing the city and the airport to leave the eagles alone.

  2. I’m so thankful it’s not Dad N and pray it’s not his mate. I also pray this female has not laid eggs somewhere. This entire issue is a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with Eagle On Alliance and their effort to reach a workable solution to this issue.

    Sandy Stricklin in Omaha, NE

  3. So glad it isn’t Dad Norfolk! I pray that it was not DT! They have been a couple for 2 years now trying to have a family and Norfolk just won’t let them! All they want is to be a family, the typical American dream. Dad Norfolk and DT are loved by many! Ipray it isn’t her! We love you DT and Dad Norfolk!!!

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