Concern for older eaglet at the Southwest Florida nest


From what I understand E3, the older of the two eaglets has shown little interest in food in the past few days.  I won’t speculate on what is  happening.  (remember if was the younger one E4 who had trouble earlier on) The operators of the cam have put out some information here:  and  a link to the cam:  and Facebook page:    What I observed while watching for about the last hour, was that E3 was sitting up, looking alert, seemed to have slower breathing than younger sibling E4, and did one poop shoot that was into the nest (normally they will turn around at this age and aim off the nest).  I also observed that E3 seemed a bit more wobbly than typical, although at this age, they aren’t all that coordinated, so hard to tell.  I don’t know what all this means if anything, but I do know that some are concerned and we will all hope for the best.   (in the attached pic, E3 is on the right as we look at them, with the darker feathers)

4 thoughts on “Concern for older eaglet at the Southwest Florida nest”

  1. We as a group that I am a member of that has been watching sense hatch of both E’s are concerned of maybe poisoning of some UFO food that was brought in a few days ago..that was feed to E3 and not E4

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