Sad loss of E3 at the Southwest Florida nest

Unfortunately the older eaglet, E3 passed away early this morning.  There just aren’t any words that help at this moment.  E4 was there comforting and hugging his older sibling trying to help which somehow helped watch a little.  I will not post any pictures of the nest right now.  At this moment, little E4 remains huddled and restless next to E3 on this foggy, wet morning.  RIP little one, fly free.

8 thoughts on “Sad loss of E3 at the Southwest Florida nest”

  1. Twizzkid, Forgot to say in my previous post, thank you so much for all of your posts to keep us informed about our beloved eagles everywhere.
    RIP little E3. You will always have a special place and my heart and I will miss you. Fly high and free little one.

  2. This just breaks my heart! I still get teary and choked up. I found this nest last year after Hope and Honor had started getting along, so didn’t see any bonking. This year I have been watching from the start. As hard as it was to watch E3 bonking E4, I never wanted anything to happen to E3. It breaks my heart to watch little E4 still cuddle with E3 and try to wake her/him up. I pray that E4 stays healthy and strong.

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