Some good news! Dad Norfolk and his mate (DT) were spotted together today!

Bringing a big sigh of relief, we now know thankfully that it WAS NOT Dad Norfolk’s new mate killed at the airport Jan 28!  Dad Norfolk and his mate (known as DT or Dirty Tail) were spotted together today!    While a loss of any eagle is tragic, it is good to know that it wasn’t her and that this pair is intact, together and still flying free!   It also shows that harassing eagles at the gardens did NOT prevent an eagle / airplane encounter at the the airport.  We can only hope that the sacrifice of the female eagle who died on the runway will help to further the powers that be, to see that there are better alternatives for keeping runways safe than harassing one pair of eagles in a neighboring garden.

9 thoughts on “Some good news! Dad Norfolk and his mate (DT) were spotted together today!”

  1. That is such good news about Dad Norfolk and DT! So glad they are together still. I will pray for the eagle that was killled. Norfolk needs to get their act together and start protecting our Nation’s Symbol the Eagle!!

  2. I live only a few miles from the NBG. This is so incredibly sad to me. Folks have tried so hard to stop what they are doing, but alas nothing is working.

  3. City Council and DNR have been pretty impervious to facts and public opinion thus far; I don’t know that even the deaths of 100 eagles at the airport will convince them that Dad Norfolk and DT are innocent collateral casualties in their ill-conceived war on Raptor Nation.

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