What empty nest syndrome? many sightings of young eagles visiting with adults on nests


Editorial:  Something new (for me at least) this year, is what seems to be many more sightings of young juvenile eagles spending “quiet” time on nests with adults.  We know of course that it is common for juveniles to hang out with adults to learn the skills they need, but for whatever reason this year, it seems to me that there is more hanging out at the actual nests.  All of this generally before there are any new eggs (which makes total sense).  It is widely understood that once the adults have a new clutch, the juveniles will not be welcome, but I find it fascinating how accepting the adults are, spending 10 minutes or more just hanging out with juveniles on their nest.  Little or no fuss from the adults seen.

Are these juveniles revisiting their natal nest?  Random kids, just looking for a handout or some hunting tips?  Are we just seeing it more, with more cameras on, more of the time?  We do know that juveniles often revisit the area where they were raised.  And we do know for sure that Bella (K-28) hatched last year on the Catalina West End nest, has returned to that specific nest a number of times as recently as Jan 4 2014.   While I wouldn’t normally post about this, as it isn’t “breaking news”, I had mentioned it before in a post about the Maine nest, and wanted to add some general clarification as many have correctly pointed out, it is not an unknown thing to occur. Today’s pic comes from the Alcoa nest this morning where when I tuned in to check Adult and Juvenile were sitting quietly and remained for more than 10 minutes.

11 thoughts on “What empty nest syndrome? many sightings of young eagles visiting with adults on nests”

  1. Has anyone seen the Alcoa male eagle? Maybe something happened and there won’t be any new eggs this year. Babies hanging around to console mom. Hmmm…… ??

  2. I’m watching mom in the nest with a juvie. She’s ready to lay another egg any day. She laid on Feb 7th and 10th last year. It’s going to crowded in there. Cracks me up. 🙂

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