Free, live, online class by Ustream about how streaming works Mon Feb 10

Thought I’d share this, as some may be interested in learning more about  how the whole streaming thing works.  So many of our eaglecams are on Ustream.  This is a class put on by a rep from Ustream on “everything you need to know about broadcasting on Ustream.”   I think it’s designed mainly for those who may want to broadcast,  but I think it will be interesting to just learn more about the whole technology.   Here is a link to the class page: Fundamentals of Live Streaming       It is being held on Creative Live.  I am very familiar with Creative Live and have taken many of their free classes (for other reasons, and I can give it an unqualified recommendation – not easy to come by from me lol).  It is truly free, no strings attached.  And they often do a rebroadcast at the end of the day, so those who can’t catch it during the day can catch it in the evening.    Also, you don’t really have to do the RSVP thing that you see on the page, just tune in to Monday during the class time and click the “watch” tab at the top of the page, then you can select the class you want to watch (they often have more than one going on at the same time).  No login is required, even though they prompt you to sign up, and I do have an account since I use and like them so much.  It isn’t really necessary in order to just watch.

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