Hancock Delta Mom Eagle has injured left foot

Hancock Delta

Folks over at the Hancock Wildlife Foundation are realizing that Mom Delta has injured her left foot.  There is video showing that she is avoiding putting any weight on it.  It is unknown what the problem is, we can only watch and keep an eye on her, which is being done via cam and ground.  The pic shown here is taken from a video and is at the point when she turned around on the branch, using her wings for balance and you can see, if you look closely, that her left talon is dangling.   Here are a number of links for more information:

6 thoughts on “Hancock Delta Mom Eagle has injured left foot”

  1. I did eagle rehab for 15 years in Alaska. I cannot tell by the picture how bad the injury is, but if the talon is dangling, it could hinder the eagles ability to catch prey. It could also be an entrance point for infection. Has anyone contacted a wildlife rehabilitator in the area?

  2. Twizz,
    I am sure glad you are here to give us information. I hate reading stories like this. If this has to happen, I’m glad it’s a nest Hancock is watching. If anything needs or can be done to help, I believe these folks will do what they can. I’ll be looking here for future updates. Thank you so much for caring about eagles. I tell anyone who is interested about your site. It’s the best one on the web.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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