New eaglecam in Virginia to watch and there is an egg!!!

RF Cam

Big thanks to KJ for alerting me to the new “RF Eaglecam” in Northern Virginia!  Cam link: Based on comment below the cam, it sounds like the first egg was just laid in the last day or two. I’m sure we’ll soon know more specifics, as eagleholics have started to find the site and are asking the questions we all want to know! 🙂

6 thoughts on “New eaglecam in Virginia to watch and there is an egg!!!”

    1. Hi, sorry, yes they have now indicated that the best link for the youtube feed is the eaglecam list was updated but I will put out a post a bit later with the updated info, since others may have saved the initial link, or try to use the one in the original post (which I will also change, but it gets sent off to Facebook as well and shared thrre – so will definitely send out new info). thanks for the note!

  1. This cam was up for a couple weeks, had its problems,it was on ustream livestream and 2 different places on youtube LOL but there wasn’t an egg as of feb 7th. hope to see a couple more eggs LOL thanks for posting about it

    1. I remember when you found it Jannice! Just found out it is still on Livestream. Good to know about egg date, I’ll call it Feb 8 then for laid date, unless they tell us otherwise, since note on cam says next egg expected in a couple of days

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