And Away We Go!

The Boonshoft cams are up and running! Yoohoo!!!

Eastwood Eagle Watchers

The Boonshoft Museum’s 2014 Eagle-Cam is up and running for another year! This is the fourth year that The Eastwood Eagle Watchers have partnered with The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery to provide on-line, live, streaming video, photos and field updates of Jim and Cindy’s nesting season. The video stream can be found at Just click on the Raptor-Cam 2014 link and then choose the “Live Stream” button under the Eagle-Cam logo. There you will find 2 camera angles that you can toggle between. The cameras both need to be re-aimed a bit but the snowy conditions at the nest site have hindered that work. Our cameras are utility pole-mounted and provide views looking up at the south side and the north-west side of the aerie. Re-aiming the cameras requires that a bucket truck can safely access the poles. We do not have a camera mounted above the nest as Jim and Cindy’s Treetop…

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