RF Eaglecam nest now has 3 eggs!

RF Eaglecam

Not precisely sure when the third egg arrived, but now there are 3!   Exciting for this first year cam nest!  Little is known about the history of the pair or the nest so far, hopefully we will learn more as time goes on.  The cam is beautifully clear and nice to watch.  They are streaming both on YouTube and Livestream.   For the YouTube stream it is important to use the http://rfeaglecam.net link, as the specific YouTube address changes periodically and using the “net” address will automatically send you to the right place on YouTube.  The Livestream link is: http://new.livestream.com/rfeaglecam/events/2525155?query=eagle%20&cat=event  and includes chat (the pic is a bit clearer here too).

3 thoughts on “RF Eaglecam nest now has 3 eggs!”

    1. thx jannice, that would be unusual since it generally takes 3 days between eggs, and I did check on the 14th and didn’t see it (although I may have just not seen it). Well glad its there no matter when it arrived! 🙂

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