Celebration and then sadness at Two Harbors, one egg has failed

A few hours after the second egg was laid last night at the Catalina Two Harbors nest, it became evident that one egg had failed.  My understanding is that an egg was lost (cracked) in 2013 and 2012 as well.   So sad to see this pattern, and makes us remember just how far the eagles have recovered from the days when fragile eggs from DDT were causing a huge decline in the bald eagle population.  As far as I know there is really no way to know what is going wrong for K-82, but we will hope for more, and successful eggs for the season, there is time! (although just saw someone post a good point that if it was the second egg that failed, another egg would make the two eggs something like 5 days apart, which might make for more serious sibling rivalry, so now not sure what to hope!)

4 thoughts on “Celebration and then sadness at Two Harbors, one egg has failed”

  1. This is horrible. Two years in a row, wow. I am with you on what to hope for. I am leaning towards no more eggs as I would hate to have another nest with extreme sibbling rivalry. I can’t watch that. Hope for the best.♥

  2. This is sad. Our BE have to work so hard just to stay viable. I am wondering the same thing – is there something amiss at Two Harbors or is it K-82. I wonder if any research can/will be done. I know research has gone on in Montana to see what has happened with the Osprey population. It was determined that water was polluted from old mines in the area. I certainly wish this beautiful eagle family all the best with the surviving egg. Thanks for the update, Twizz.

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