Beautiful Bobbleheads arrive at Berry and Blackwater!

Berry College and BlackwaterRefuge

(sorry couldn’t resist the fun headline lol).   Two wonderful first hatches this morning at both nests!  Links to cams: Berry College – and Blackwater Refuge –

Last I looked there were 12,000 people watching the Berry college nest.  It is so wonderful to see so many people spending their Saturday morning watching this beautiful moment in nature!  It somehow restores my faith in humanity.  To see an eagle hatch is , for me anyway, one of the most wonderful things on this earth!  And on a geeky note, both nests, Berry and Blackwater, laid their first eggs on the same day, Berry College ending up with two eggs, and Blackwater with three eggs, and yet both first hatches arrived virtually at the same time (in the overnight and early morning hours today).  Mother Nature is so truly amazing, as are the eagle parents at both nests.  Huge congrats to all who love and watch these nests!

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