2014 Hatch Watch calendar added!

The 2014 Hatch Watch calendar has been updated and added to the main menu items on the eagleholic website.  It shows you when to expect hatching to happen at the various nests.  Of course Mother Nature is in charge of whatever actually happens.    I generally calculate the hatch watch as starting 34 days after egg is laid.  This is usually a little bit early, especially if there are multiple eggs, but want everyone to have a good starting place so they don’t miss anything.  The end date is much “softer”, I use 37 days after last egg laid, this is really not a date to use for anything much, but I wanted to have a range to cover that so many things can alter the actual hatch date.   Here is a link to the calendar:  https://eagleholic.wordpress.com/eagle-cam-hatch-watch-calendar-2012/ (ignore that “2012” part of the page name, I started the calendar in 2012 and am using the same Google calendar, the blog software won’t let me easily change the page link, and I’m too busy enjoying eggs and hatches to mess with it 🙂  You can always find the link up at the top of the main site as well.  Hope you find it helpful!

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