7 thoughts on “Egg #3 arrives at the Decorah nest!”

  1. Is it true that BE parents will purposefully expose multiple eggs to the cold to slow down their development in order to help them hatch closer together in time?

    1. Yes, delayed incubation is a real thing that they do. I might describe it a little bit differently. The do incubate in the first days, but do not let the egg get warm enough to start developing. By doing this, and starting incubation at about the same time for multiple eggs, the eggs are more likely to hatch at about the same time which gives all the chicks a better chance of survival. When there is a longer time span between hatches, the smaller, younger eaglets, must fight harder for food. Hope that helps answer your question!

      1. I honestly don’t know how much they did or didn’t delay incubation at Decorah. You might want to ask on chat there, there are folks who watch more consistently than I can. Hoping they did since the third egg arrived 4 days after the second one (which is about a day longer than is typical) they will have more of a challenge if they didn’t.

  2. It will be interesting season with these northern nests and these very cold temps. We are in line to breaking a record in MN. Positive thoughts!!

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