Eagle attacks, confusion and concern at the Eagles4kids nest.

Eagle attack at E4K

There were incidents today of eagles chasing other eagles from the nest, eagles that weren’t recognized standing on the nest for a while and at least one attack that was caught on cam.   It is very difficult to tell (although we know we don’t see Lucy, due to her missing talons) who is who.  Is there a new pair on the nest?  It appeared that it might be.  Is Larry working to defend the nest?   For a good summary and videos from crayj, visit the daily update on the Eagles4kids page: http://www.eagles4kids.com/daily-updates/2014/3/6/march-6-2014-serious-territorial-dispute.html  There is much concern, and frankly I am a little bit too emotional about it to watch the videos and try to figure it all out.  I know that thankfully, there are others who are working on it.  And we hope to see Larry and Lucy, business as usual on the nest tomorrow, but it’s a roll of the dice at this point what will transpire.  This is an amazing opportunity to watch nature!    The picture included here is from the eagle attack late this afternoon. The two eagles rolled off the nest during the attack.

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