First Hatch complete and Second Hatch in progress at Harrison Bay!

Harrison Bay

Oh, cuteness overload, little H5, bobblehead no 1 at the Harrison Bay nest has fully hatched and has even had some feeding efforts!  A good pip has been observed in the second egg, so looks like H6 will not be far behind.  Always wonderful if they hatch close together in time!  Link to cam:  Just a quick note since I’ve had questions about delayed incubation. This close hatching time is why the eagles sometimes do not immediately incubate their first eggs. The eggs are generally laid about 3 days apart, but if they hatch 3 days apart then the first hatchling has a major advantage over the younger one in competing for food.  By delaying incubation a bit, they hope to do what looks like is exactly happening here.  A closer hatch time means babies are closer in size and this helps both compete for food.  also, pic note: I did brighten the picture up a little bit with editing, so don’t worry, my view of the cam is not brighter.

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