Alcoa reporting one egg broken


At the Alcoa Davenport nest, they are confirming that one egg has broken and been lost.  This leaves one remaining egg.  So sad to see eggs lost in any nest.   It has been a turbulent year so far for Liberty and Justice, fighting off intruders and cold weather, and they have been working so hard to keep their eggs safe.  link to cam:

2 thoughts on “Alcoa reporting one egg broken”

  1. Sandy, I noticed the little eaglet at Berry College today, also. I was wishing that Mom would tuck it under her. I don’t want another E3 situation either. That was so sad!! Twizz, Thank you so much for all of the updates. It must be very time consuming to keep up with all of the nest’s! I really appreciate all that you do to keep us all informed! It’s so sad about L & J’s egg and the egg at the IWS nest. I hope L & J’s other egg will hatch and thrive. And I hope the IWS parents will have more eggs.
    Linda Lawson

  2. Twizz,
    This is a nest I watch daily. Sad news from there this morning. Many of our majestic eagles have had a rough season so far. The little eaglet at the Berry nest is cold and wet this morning. My thoughts are with L & J and their remaining egg. Also, with the little Berry chick. I don’t want another E3 situation. Thank you Twizz, for always keeping us informed.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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