We have an egg at the Lake Washington eaglecam!

Lake Washington

Well, what do you know, we have an egg, after two years without chicks at this nest!  There was no egg yesterday, so I’m assuming it was laid in the last 24 hours.  Very exciting.  There is both a streaming cam and 10 second refresh cam.  At this point, I am only able to bring up the 10-second refresh cam here: http://wdfw.wa.gov/wildwatch/eaglecam/video_lw2.html

5 thoughts on “We have an egg at the Lake Washington eaglecam!”

  1. i have never seen so many Bald Eagles nest that are now going on a live camera!! I luv it!!! been watching for like 7yrs now, am truly an addict, butm what the heck,it could be alot worse, just keep these live bald eagle cams coming!!!!& thank you to all that make this beautiful experience happen!!!!! Lynn Cutler

  2. Oh my goodness I was on my way to tell you about this, I thought I’d be one ahead of you. LOL Thank you for sharing this.

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