Has eagle Lucy from E4K been found? A picture is taken – is it her?

Today, a picture taken from the ground (click link to see pic) in the area of Larry and Lucy’s nest shows what may be an eagle with one foot.  Unfortunately, the picture is just too grainy to know for sure.  The eagle could simply have it’s foot up while flying.  So many hearts (including mine) want this to be her, to know that she is safe.  But we just can’t tell, and Darrin, the E4K teacher is unable to confirm.  So at this point, I think we have to understand that we will just need more information.  If it is Lucy, perhaps she will be seen again and a better photo taken.  If not, then we still don’t have any evidence that anything bad has happened to her.   If it helps, last year on another nest, the female was driven away, people waited and waited hoping to see her, worrying as a new female took over the nest.  Time went ticking by and no news.  Happily, this year, the eagle that was chased away has now been seen in the company of another male eagle in the area!   For Lucy, no news, is just no news, and we all keep loving our Lucy.

3 thoughts on “Has eagle Lucy from E4K been found? A picture is taken – is it her?”

  1. Thanks Twizz. Even with mostly positive ongoing news of all the other eagles now, Lucy has remained on my mind since hearing about his new mate. Larry was seemingly so devoted when we last saw them, and she was obviously injured. It is mystifying that he moved on. We know so much, but some things we will not understand. So if she is really still O.K. thank the good Lord. I look so forward to more news from you and those able to photograph her. Wouldn’t it be great if she had another mate?

  2. Twizz,
    I sure hope we hear something good. I still don’t quite understand why Larry didn’t stay with her. They had been a pair for awhile and he seemed so devoted to her. I guess one has to be an eagle to understand. I still have a heavy heart about that situation. I’m a bit miffed at Larry. I’m saying my prayers that we hear soon that Lucy is okay. I know you will let us know. Thank you, Twizz.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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