Looks like we have the third Hatch at Fort St Vrain!


It’s a little bit tough to be absolutely certain due to the smudge on the camera at just the wrong place, but it sure looks like we have a fully open egg and #3 has arrived!  This beautiful nest always seems to have challenges and a 4 day difference in hatch date between the first and third hatch will present some challenges.  Talons crossed that all goes well at this nest and congrats to all who love this nest!  Link to cam: http://www.farmyou.com/falcon_cams/eagle.html

4 thoughts on “Looks like we have the third Hatch at Fort St Vrain!”

  1. Just watching the nest and all 3 are wiggling and moving around, while mom hangs out and enjoys the sunshine. It is windy but a warm 66 in Platteville today. You really can’t tell which one is last hatch, as they all seem to be very close in size. Very excited to see them doing so well, with the late hatch. Have a good day

  2. I saw E3 up and mom was feeding it. Ok I think I am starting to be a bothersome poster, but I am so excited and well, I shall try and be a bit less posty :))

  3. That is the same shot I took at 1:45. This is great news, and our weather looks good for this month, so maybe we can avoid the horrible storms that have wrecked havoc on this nest the last few years. I am just overjoyed that I got to watch E3 arrive. Woo hoo !!

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