Status update: Lake of the Ozarks nest – a tough year

Lake of the Ozarks

Folks have been asking what the status is at Lake of the Ozarks.  A hatchling was seen, but then things kind of dropped off the radar.  I checked in at the nest today and got caught up on what has been happening.  It seems that hatchling was seen, but by the next day, it was not seen again.  No feeding behavior was seen at any time.   At this point, 54 days after the first egg was laid, it appears that Elsie and Einstein (the eagle parents) continue to incubate what is or are most certainly non-viable egg(s).    I also confirmed something that I read a while back, that the cam operator (Thumper) has decided that this is the last year of the cam and it will be shut off in September.  As a privately operated cam, one can only imagine how much work and cost has gone into bringing us the cam.  So, a big thanks to Thumper and I am (and I’m sure many others are)  grateful for the time that we had with this wonderful eagle pair.   Link to cam:

2 thoughts on “Status update: Lake of the Ozarks nest – a tough year”

  1. Yes, I had read that this is the last season for this camera :(. And I am very sadden by the lost on this nest. I pray that E&E continue to be together and have lots more chicks. Thank you for the update. And for sure Thank you Thumper and family.

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