5 thoughts on “Pip in second egg at the Minnesota Bound nest!”

  1. Hi Dawn,
    The eaglets were fed quickly less than an hour ago, glad you caught it. The 7,000 or so feathers adults have are helping them keep themselves and the lil ones safe & warm, also snow has insulative properties as well. Hopefully the darn snow will ease up in a few hours. You probably saw dad wanting to continue feeding, mom has an iron fist/wing on feeding duties at times, especially at this nest 😉
    BTW you came to the right place to learn and get the heads up around the eagle communities, eagleholic is the best!
    Hi Twizz- keep up the great work, very appreciated by so many of us! ~Moonhuskygirl

    1. aww Moonhuskygirl – thanks so much for the kind words and taking the time to answer Dawn! It is so wonderful to see everyone who is commenting and helping others with info! This is what makes me love being an eagleholic! 🙂

      1. Thank you Moonhuskygirl for answering my questions. I just love these eagles and all other eagles as well and your information is awesome. I look forward to learning more. I appreciate all of you and the quick response. Have a great eagle/human day, I’m sure I’ll have more questions along the way.

  2. I SAW IT!! I SAW IT!! THE BABIES GOT FED BY BOTH PARENTS!! WOOHOO. Boy that was a battle with the food to between the parents. LOL. One parent wanted to keep feeding and the other one sat back down on the babies. Mom or dad (couldn’t tell which one) kept trying to get around the other one to feed. Why didn’t the one parent let the other one finish feeding? Just curious. Too cold to be out that long?? It was nice to see both parents huddled together. What a beautiful couple. I know I have lots of questions. Bear with me please. I’m trying to learn more about these magnificant raptors.

  3. Hi fellow eagle fans. I have a question. I notice that snow today (4-16) is giving our poor eagles/eaglets a heck a time. I’ve been watching and noticed the last time our babies were fed was before the snow. I know the parents are keeping them warm (such good parents they are too) but will they feed our babies while it’s snowing or will they wait?? If they wait will the eaglets be ok?? I just worry about our babies. I know those parents know what they are doing but I can’t help but to worry. Thank you very much in advance for answering my questions. And thank you soooo very much for the opportunity to watch these beautiful raptors.

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