First Hatch and Second Pip at Hancock Lafarge!


Woohoo!  We have our first hatch at the Hancock LaFarge nest! Boy that baby hasn’t been out long, still in the shape on an egg lol! (I’m teasing, I saw it stretching and wiggling).  It looks like we  have a pretty good pip going in the second egg too.   Link to cam:

2 thoughts on “First Hatch and Second Pip at Hancock Lafarge!”

  1. Hi Twizz, this is DonnaFromIllinois, aka Donna Yeargain Ferguson, from many, many nests. I can’t open this to forward to FB groups

    1. Hi Donna! Yeah, grrrr, I saw that FB seems to have re-arranged it all when it posts from here to there (which is done automatically). Not sure yet if there is anything I can do to affect how it shows up on FB. I suspect that they want me to pay to make the link, a link. sigh. Will check further tonight and see what I can discover. Thanks so much for all the times you have passed along the posts!!!! Twizz

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