Eaglet “Justice” at RF cam is currently tangled in fishing line

RF Justice

It looks like eaglet Justice continues to have trouble with the fishing line in the nest, and it is currently wrapped around a wing and possibly foot.  The experts are being consulted at this point.  It does look like Justice can eat with no problem so that is great, but his mobility is limited by the fishing line.  Talons crossed here!   Link to cam: http://rfeaglecam.net or http://new.livestream.com/rfeaglecam/events/2525155?query=eagle%20&cat=event&logged_in=1398961624

5 thoughts on “Eaglet “Justice” at RF cam is currently tangled in fishing line”

    1. This nest is in Virginia. There were originally 3 eggs, unfortunately one was broken before hatch, another one hatched but did not survive. At this point we have eaglet Justice remaining. Hope that is the info you were looking for. Twizzkid

  1. I think it’s awesome that The climbers came and took the fishing line out of the nest and check on the baby eaglet! :):) Thanks everyone for making this happen for this beautiful family!!

  2. Last year the sea eagles in Australia were tangled and they were taken from the nest – one was untangled and returned and the other had a fish hook that had to be removed from his beak or throat – thankfully both were back together in a day or so and both fledged. I sincerely hope they expedite help to this eagle. I think we have the ability to help and we should.

  3. I don’t watch this nest but sure hope they get permission to capture & remove the line. I have seen to many eagles with fishing line problems. Very sad.

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