A little more info on the rescue of the MN DNR eaglet Snap

Minnesota DNR

Don’t know a whole bunch, but a rescue sure occurred and Snap (the eaglet) was removed from the nest.  The two other eaglets did not seem bothered, and it has been reported that a parent has returned to the nest.   So, that is all good news!  Hopefully we will learn more about Snap’s condition soon.  Here is a link to a short video of the rescue, thanks to aberfortha  http://youtu.be/F7Hm0sW79AQ

9 thoughts on “A little more info on the rescue of the MN DNR eaglet Snap”

  1. Brief note from one of our local stations:
    On an even more positive note we have one of the foremost raptor centers in the country, responsible for Harmon’s rehabilitation and more recently the snowy owl that was injured in Washington DC that was transported all the way here to rehabilitate and recently released in northern MN. Snap is in super capable hands and has the very best chances of making the best recovery possible.
    On a side note I would like to mention that many bird/raptor/eagle lovers who relish the experience of viewing eagles on cam may and do donate to the orgs. providing the experience BUT also supporting your local raptor center is really important/vital and greatly appreciated, please spread the word. ~Moonhuskygirl

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