Eaglet having trouble breathing at the Ft St Vrain nest


I so didn’t want to post this…I first learned about it early this morning (note: I have now learned that it started Thursday) and was hoping that it was going to resolve itself, but of course I always want to let you know what’s going on at the nests.   One of the 3, just over a month old eaglets at the Ft St Vrain nest is clearly having some trouble breathing, or has something stuck in their throat.   The good news is that the eaglet is still eating.  People who are connected with the nest have been notified.   Crossing talons that the situation improves.  Link to cam: http://www.farmyou.com/falcon_cams/eagle.html  Here is a video where you can see and hear the baby breathing (the one on the left from the cam view).  It is a bit hard to watch, so please don’t, if you feel you can’t.  http://youtu.be/m_pbsqBlIbI

5 thoughts on “Eaglet having trouble breathing at the Ft St Vrain nest”

  1. I have been out of town working and can’t access this site while I am gone. I just say the posts and am watching the cam, but they are out of camera range for the most part. I am just sick to think of the loss of another eaglet after the last few years of tragedy with this nest. I see these parents year round as I work in that area, and so this nest is very close to my heart. I hate to see anything suffer, yet I do understand that nature is nature. It is just hard when you watch and know what is transpiring. I will look for updates via email on this nest, as I have to leave for work for another week. Hopefully when I return, the baby will be fine and all will be well. I guess sometimes being a truck driver and not witnessing this is not all bad. Thanks Twizz for all you do and for keeping us posted. Hang on little one, and if it is not to be, then please don’t suffer long. Will be watching today, but leave early tomorrow so looking for updates. God watch this eaglet and Your will be done…,

  2. I haven’t looked at the footage of little eagle. I’m wondering: we’ve all witnessed the rescue of eaglets stuck in the nest and since we are watching them, I think it is right “we” help them. Now, will anyone rescue this little one with this type of distress? There was a sea eagle, I believe, that slowly died with respiratory distress…& I’m hoping that this one won’t have to suffer like that. Is there any mention of an intervention?

  3. It seems as though we’ve had out share of sadness already this season. Thanks for the info Twizz. I won’t watch, but will stay tuned for what you have to tell us. Twizz, my heart goes out to you. I hate that you have to watch and then report to us. I appreciate you and what you do for us.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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