It Can Take Your Breath Away

Three eaglets at the Boonshoft Nest!

Eastwood Eagle Watchers

One of the most beautiful attributes of nature is its unpredictability. You just never know what you might see. There are no carefully written Hollywood scripts, no painstakingly edited and plotted out sequences, no intentional manipulation of your thoughts and emotions… Don’t get me wrong, a few hours in the outdoors can capture your attention, and  your heart, in ways you can hardly imagine. The mundane can become spectacular in a moment, the ordinary can become extraordinary in the blink of an eye. Whether your particular outdoor setting is the exotic vistas of The Grand Canyon or the familiarity of your own backyard, the adventure is there. You may have to sit and wait, watch and listen, but it is there. All around you the wondrous story plays out. It may crawl across your hand in the form of a tiny Ladybug or soar high overhead like a majestic eagle, but it is always there.

As accustomed…

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One thought on “It Can Take Your Breath Away”

  1. What an exciting scary story!! Wildlife is wild! Fantastic photos!!! And home again to feed the 3 babies.

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