Update on eaglet Snap’s condition

Eaglet Snap, rescued from the Minnesota DNR nest last evening is now at The Raptor Center of the University of Minnesota for care and treatment.  The cam is back up and I just checked in to see the other two eaglets happily sitting in the sun with really big crops full of food and a parent on the nest.  Here is what the Raptor Center posted this morning on their Facebook page regarding Snap’s condition

“The Raptor Center admitted the eaglet from the MN DNR EagleCam’s nest last night. The chick received emergency and supportive care last night and this morning. Initial diagnostics show a severely injured elbow, an injured hock and indications of a systemic infection. Diagnostics are on-going to complete evaluation of the chick’s condition, although we can tell you at this time that the prognosis is poor. Our veterinarians continue to closely monitor and treat the eaglet.

Thank you for caring!”

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