Media interested in the situation at the Ft St. Vrain nest


As I have reported in the past few days, one of the eaglets at the Ft St. Vrain nest appears to be having trouble with breathing.  It is  a heartbreaking sound to hear as the eaglet struggles to breathe.  This is a Raptor Resource Project (RRP) nest and as I wrote in my last post on the topic, when asked, RRP has explained that they will not intervene (related post with RRP’s statement:

One viewer who is quite concerned about the eaglet, has contacted local media in the area to ask them to look into the situation and the media outlet has indicated that they have interest.  If you would like to contact the media person, either to encourage or discourage their coverage of the situation,  here is their info:

Anica Padilla – Digital Media Producer KMGH-TV / KZCO-LD   (ABC affiliate station)
123 East Speer Boulevard – Denver, Colorado 80203-3417
Direct: 303-832-0218



7 thoughts on “Media interested in the situation at the Ft St. Vrain nest”

  1. I think Raptor Resource pointed out the risks to the other eaglets if they were to enter the nest. I’m sure their decision was not made lightly or without knowledge and experience.

  2. I agree with Sue. We cannot possibly know or understand the technical difficulties in even getting to the nest. Just because at one nest, intervention didn’t seem to harm eaglets or parents, that doesn’t mean it will work that way everywhere. We are not the experts, so we shouldn’t be making these comments and drawing these conclusions when we really have no information, or at least the pertinent information, with which to make the decisions.

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