Sad loss of eaglet “Argos” at the Ft St Vrain nest

Fighting with breathing difficulties for a number of days, the eaglet passed away this morning just after 11 am nest time.  Argos stumbled over to its siblings to snuggle close to them and then passed away.  So sad and hard.  Condolences to all who watched and encouraged Argos.  The middle eagle of 3 at this nest, (s)he fought hard to stay with us for 36 days of life.

19 thoughts on “Sad loss of eaglet “Argos” at the Ft St Vrain nest”

  1. So sad Argos didn’t overcome his illness & pull through. I am relieved he is no longer suffering and finally at peace. I have decided to no longer donate nor watch cams that will not intervene when an animal is clearly in trouble. Argos had breathing problems for a week probably due to an URI which meds may have easily cleared up. My position is if you’re going to extend the effort to wire the nest with cams and ask for donations, you have the moral responsibility to intervene when one of the animals is clearly suffering.

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