How big is that eaglet? – our ‘lil ones are not so little! LOL

Duke Farms 6 week old eaglet

I just thought it would be fun to post and save a picture that shows just how big eaglets are.  This is one of the 6 week old Duke Farms eaglet during 2014 banding.  It is so easy to lose size perspective when watching the nests on webcams and I’m always amazed to see them in relation to human size. Photo thanks to the Duke Farms banding team! Congratulations to them on today’s successful banding.

3 thoughts on “How big is that eaglet? – our ‘lil ones are not so little! LOL”

  1. Wow, what a change in a short 6 weeks. The eaglets growth is amazing. I missed the banding today. I hope they soon will have a video posted. Twizz, thank you for the sweet picture. It looks like h/s was really squeeing. Love it!

  2. The picture is perfect to keep in mind when watching cams. Sometimes you try to guess what prey item was brought in, and you lose perspective of the size of the prey item compared to the actual size of the adult. These 6 mo. old eaglets varied somewhat in size, but still at that age are about half the size of their parents. Thank you for the post!

  3. Thanks Twizz. I was watching. They were six weeks old and I heard them say that they are too docile to react much – and they didn’t. No one jumped out. I also heard them say that they have done over 400 banding, i.e., go up to the nest to remove the eaglets, with no one jumping out AND no parent attacks. Real experience. The Channel Islands had a good banding too with their two chicks over the weekend. I am happy both were successful bandings.

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