Loss of approx 10 day old chick at Eagle Valley. Owl predation suspected

Eagle Valley

I was alerted by Tom B.  today that there is only one eaglet at the Eagle Valley nest, when there were two.  The two eaglets hatched 8 and 10 days ago.   Below the cam, they indicate that they believe one of the chicks was taken by an owl last night.  There is no night view at this eaglecam, but if you watch the archive video, you can hear an owl hooting and clearly parent is alerting at about 10:20 pm nest time last night.  I think this is the first time I’ve known of an owl actually succeeding in getting a chick (if that is what happened, we don’t really have any way to be certain).  Drat and double drat.

9 thoughts on “Loss of approx 10 day old chick at Eagle Valley. Owl predation suspected”

  1. Hi Twizz,
    Thank you for researching and letting us know. I know this is the cycle of nature but still hard to hear of the little chick being gone. Like Mindy, I have also noticed the remaining chick unattended quite often and also without food. I am really hoping this changes. I guess parenting styles vary in the bird kingdom, just like in the human kingdom. I am hoping, hoping, hoping!

  2. i went & asked a few mods on some other nests about this eaglet,got no response,so i knew it wasn’t good news,whatta bummer, am so bummed out!!!doggone it!!!!

  3. Dang I’m sorry to hear that. My internet was down all day yesterday and until well into the afternoon today, so have been trying to do some catch-up tonight. Sure didn’t expect this one. Fly free little one 😦

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