One eaglet survives fall at Jordan Lake!!

The news this morning after the devastating fall of both eaglets from the Jordan Lake nest is that the ground crew found one deceased and one survived.  The surviving chick is at a local raptor rescue and so far the only known injury is an abrasion under one wing.  xrays still needed.   The eaglet is holding up his head and somewhat alert.   Many crossed talons and much joy at this news!   More information as it is known is being provided by mods at the cam page.  Link to cam:

6 thoughts on “One eaglet survives fall at Jordan Lake!!”

  1. Gosh, Twizz, more sadness at an eagle nest. There is some good news, I guess. At least 1 little eaglet has been saved. My thoughts and prayers are with h/h and all the folks that are helping. Thank God for all the rehabbers and volunteers of this world. I’ve tried to read all I can this morning, but I haven’t found anything about the parents. I wonder, since their nest was damaged, are they still in the area? I wonder too, if they might be looking for their chicks. It sounds like this family and this area has had a rough go with the weather. Thanks Twizz, for all your reporting. I wish only the best for all at Jordan Lake.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

    1. Sandy, thanks as always. Yes, the parents have been seen at the nest eating. I wonder too what they think happened to their chicks. I’m just so happy that they were able to rescue one! Twizz

    1. Here’s the latest info about that from the cam page: “They said that if it had been another week old then trying to re-nest the chick would have probably been the best
      option (possibly in an artificial platform below the existing nest),
      but since it was just learning to stand on its own, they think a more
      controlled rehabilitation will give this one the best chance of being
      re-introduced once it has fledged in captivity.”

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