Updates on the rescued Jordan Lake eaglet

Jordan Lake rescued eaglet

photo of rescued eaglet courtesy of the American Wildlife Refuge where our little one is being looked after so wonderfully.  Website: http://awrefuge.org

Listed below are the updates that have been put out either by the Jordan Lake cam folks, or the Wildlife Refuge

American Wildlife Refuge  From FB page – Update: We will not be re-nesting the bird because she has an injury we need to address first. She is stable and seems to be recovering well from the shock of being on the ground in a rainstorm after a 60 foot fall. We’ll know more as she gets more active and aware


from below cam feed on the cam page: http://www.ustream.tv/jordanlakeeagles  pics also on the Jordan Lake Facebook Page

News story link: http://www.wral.com/jordan-lake-eaglet-fighting-to-survive-after-storm-tosses-nest/13651055/

New email from Francis – 12:12pm:
New update, just talked to Steve Stone with the American Wildlife Refuge, some good news and some bad. The chick appears to be recovering from the shock and is “acting more like an eagle” (alert and looking around). Bad news is that it does not appear to be using one of its talons. They are trying not to imprint on it so are leaving it alone and covered as much as possible, but may try to get an xray later today.

He mentioned that as a non-profit the public attention is good for them, so feel free to post their website in SS and Facebook, http://www.AWRefuge.org

Email from Francis Ferrell: I just spoke with the vet that now has custody of the living chick. I
believe they have been posting pictures to facebook, so this may not
be news to some of you, I havent had a chance to see everything they
have posted yet.

The chick is in stable condition, they do not believe there are any
broken bones so they did not do an x-ray. It was extremely low on
fluids, but they have given it fluids, pain medicine, and something to
treat shock. It was also covered in lice which they have treated.
Right now they have it in an incubator and it is warming up.

They will transfer it to the Carolina Raptor Center tomorrow for
further rehabilitation. They said that if it had been another week old
then trying to re-nest the chick would have probably been the best
option (possibly in an artificial platform below the existing nest),
but since it was just learning to stand on its own, they think a more
controlled rehabilitation will give this one the best chance of being
re-introduced once it has fledged in captivity.

The chick that passed away has been transferred to the USFWS.

I am up for leaving the camera running for as long as we have
interested viewers, I was thinking at least through the weekend. We
can always shut social stream down if things get out of hand. Thank
you so much to all the moderators keeping the dialogue appropriate
during this unfortunate turn of events.

Also much thanks to Norman (lacamper) for getting out to the nest site
at 6am and helping retrieve the chicks at dawn.

I will keep everyone updated as I get any news, but I do not expect to
hear much more until it is transferred to the Raptor Center.

9 thoughts on “Updates on the rescued Jordan Lake eaglet”

  1. Thank you for your updates Twizz on this tragic situation. Just now had the courage to turn on my computer after spending all night on Social Stream at the Jordan Lake Cam. This was truly a miracle that the female survived the fall, and the many hours exposed to the rain and cold. Now it seems more prayers are needed for her. With the amazing amount of love and support and prayers from people all over the world last night, I’m sure the prayers will continue for a complete recovery and release of the little one. Those that braved the storm, the flooding, and the long hike out to the nest last night certainly deserve our highest respect and gratitude. A big thank you from me for your dedication. The American Wildlife Refuge also deserves a donation from everyone who was touched by this. They survive on donations in whatever amount. I’m hoping that our little survivor has made it to the Carolina Raptor Center today for further treatment and the care it will need to grow to be a healthy fledgling and released to the skies where she belongs.

  2. Thank you for the update information. So sad one of the eaglets died, but a blessing the other survived from such a high fall.

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