Jordan Lake eaglet arrives at Carolina Raptor Center – link to intake notes


Here is a link to baby Jordan’s medical notes and record from her initial intake to the Carolina Raptor Center – note here it says sex unknown and says under “problems” – emaciation and fracture   You can also look at the xrays.    The image here is a screen shot of part of the report – best to read full details on the link.   Also links to their Facebook page:   and website: 

3 thoughts on “Jordan Lake eaglet arrives at Carolina Raptor Center – link to intake notes”

  1. Thank you Carolina Raptor Center. You are amazing people. Thank you for sharing the medical notes and records. I look forward to watching this wonderful little eaglets progress. Thank you again for all of you hard work. I wish I could be there to help. That little eaglet appreciates your help as well. Thank you for caring about our Eagles/Eaglets. God Bless you all.

  2. Just came from SS at cam site at 7:55 pm EST. There are updates to the CRC page with new pictures of the little one and his leg cast. Seems more bright-eyed today than yesterday. Parents have been seen on the nest yesterday and today, but not often. Since cam is not PTZ, cannot tell if they are perched in the tree somewhere, but sometimes you can hear noises of scratching or wing flutters. Not sure if that is a Parent or not. Not many people watching or showing support today. Maybe you could take a break from what you are doing and stop in with some good thoughts for a minute or two. ♥♥♥

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