Jordan Lake eaglet is being transported to the Carolina Raptor Center

That’s good news, as it means that the eaglet is doing well enough to make the journey!  Here is a summary of her condition and status, and then the full statements from Avian and Exotic Animal Care where she has been receiving care.    There are pictures if you click the link to their Facebook page.

Summary:  She is more alert and vocal this morning.  Preliminary xrays of foot show no obvious fracture, but she doesn’t have any grip strength, so there is much concern for her leg.  She received laser therapy and is continuing fluid therapy and is now being transported to the Carolina Raptor Center (FB) or CRC website

Full statements:

“Well, she’s all packed up and on her way to the Raptor Center! The little Red Shouldered Hawk baby was brought to us last night by American Wildlife Refuge and is hitching a ride. We wish both of them the best of luck and hope the CRC will let us know “when the Eagle has landed”

We know there are a lot of people waiting to hear about the eaglet so here’s the official update so far. Preliminary X-rays showed no obvious fracture, but her right leg is limp and she has no grip strength. She was stable enough for us to do laser therapy this morning and we will continue fluid therapy with the plan on transferring her to American Wildlife Refuge today where she will be transported to Carolina Raptor Center this afternoon. She’s not out of the woods and we have real concern about her right leg, but she is definitely more alert and vocal this morning!”

4 thoughts on “Jordan Lake eaglet is being transported to the Carolina Raptor Center”

  1. Great news all the way around. Thanks for posting TwizzKid. They wouldn’t transport if they didn’t think she could make the drive. Prayers your way Little Jorden. 🙂

  2. thank God for people that rescued baby and sorry for the loss of the other..the parents are prob sad or concerned? I watch the swflorida cam the last two yrs and have gotten so interested in the Jorden cam and Decorah one…thank you for taking care of the little baby eagle…amen

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