Ask the Vet: Jordan Lake Eaglet – Facebook Event by CRC tomorrow (Wed)

Here’s the description posted by the Carolina Raptor Center regarding the Facebook Event tomorrow, May 21 at 3pm EDT, and the link to the event:

“We’ve gotten lots of calls, emails and facebook questions regarding the Jordan Lake Eaglet. Our Vet, Dr. Dave Scott, will answer your questions on Facebook. If you can’t be online at 3 pm, please send your questions to”

3 thoughts on “Ask the Vet: Jordan Lake Eaglet – Facebook Event by CRC tomorrow (Wed)”

  1. This event re Jordan Lake Eaglet was well organized and Dr. Scott was very gracious to give up his time in answering all questions posted. A lot of good information to alleviate worries. Priorities were stated, along with present condition of eaglet. The CRC is taking lil e’s recovery one step at a time; not speculating or future event to come, but still telling everyone what to look for in the way of improvement at this time. The biggest concern is the fracture, which has already begun to calcify. At the present time, lil e looks good, blood tests all within normal limits for an eaglet her age. There is the possibility of a cam being installed at a later date, and also a blood test to confirm gender at a later date. It was stated by Dr. Scott that the eaglet is past the imprinting stage. They have put lil e next door to another bald eagle and they are looking at each other – can’t expect much more than that! Whether you are a FB member or not, you can follow this link and see the questions and answers without having to log in. The answers were given at the Carolina Raptor Center on their home page, which you can get to by following the link from the Jordan Lake Cam page given in the first post.

  2. It’s a great idea, but poor Dr. Scott! Hopefully, they will find a way to screen the questions so he doesn’t get a lot of the same question over and over. I’ll be there, just to listen. Thank you for letting me know!

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