Jordan Lake eaglecam – memorial planned via the cam this evening

From the Jordan Lake Eaglecam Facebook page:

As a memorial to this season’s incident we are going to turn off the IR light at the nest at 8:47pm nest time tonight. The social stream chat will also be off so everyone can just listen to JL sounds and think positive thoughts about our survivor. The SS will be off until apprx 7:15 am Friday.

link to cam:

5 thoughts on “Jordan Lake eaglecam – memorial planned via the cam this evening”

  1. The Jordan Lake followers are a special group of people, and it shows how special they are by doing this memorial for both the eaglets from the nest this year. I came to know a lot of them after the incident when I went to SS to express my condolences, and stayed with them this past week. I will be miss chatting with them when they turn SS off, but will definitely be back to follow this nest next year – wherever the parents decide to build. It’s the people there that make this a wonderful site. Bless them all! And many prayers for the little “miracle” eaglet that survived.

  2. Thanks Twizz, for the notice. I think it’s a lovely gesture on Jordan Lake’s part. There has been more than enough sadness this year. I think it very fitting that we just sit back and reflect on the baby Jordan we lost and pray for the surviving baby Jordan. I will be thinking about the parents too and feeling their loss. I will also reflect on the other babies we lost this year, as well as, Ma Norfolk. I will listen to the sounds and think of the babies that will soon fledge and start out a new life of their own. God bless the Jordan Lake nest and all of our other great Bald Eagle families.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

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