Mishap for oldest eaglet (HB5) at the Harrison Bay nest

Harrison Bay HB6

At a bit over 10 weeks old, both eaglets at Harrison Bay have been branching for more than a week, but viewers noticed that this morning, the oldest, HB5, had not been seen back at the nest for a while.  Harrison Bay folks were notified, a pan of the cam did not locate HB5, nor was the eaglet seen from the ground around the nest.  The eaglet was then located behind a building on the ground, and appears that (s)he may have a broken wing.  It isn’t know exactly how (s)he came to be on the ground.  HB5 was immediately taken to the Univ of Tenn Vet School for care, so (s)he is in good hands.  Talons crossed!  Link to cam: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/harrison-bay-eagle-cam   The pic above is sibling HB6 this afternoon at the nest.

7 thoughts on “Mishap for oldest eaglet (HB5) at the Harrison Bay nest”

  1. Oh sorry to read this, must of misstep and lost balance. Poor baby.
    Very happy he/she is in good hands. Thank you

  2. I pray that this little eaglet will make a full recovery so that s/he can be released. I know the precious eaglet is in very good hands.

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