Update on condition of the injured eaglet HB5 from Harrison Bay – good progress!

UTCVM has posted an update on HB5’s condition on their Facebook page (link).   I  have also included their statement below.  Big thanks to Suzie-O for bringing the update to my attention!


HB5 update: The eaglet of Harrison Bay Eagle Cam fame that fell out of a nest in Tennessee State Parks Harrison Bay, is doing great. Still too early to confirm male/female. One of our avian veterinarians went to American Eagle Foundation in Pigeon Forge for HB5’s check-up. HB5 weighs about 3.3 kilos and the meal of choice is Rainbow Trout fed through a trap door (they do everything they can to prevent the eaglets from imprinting on humans). Dr. Jones (Challenger’s vet!) palpated HB5’s wing and will re-evaluate HB5 in the next 1-2 weeks. Palpation confirmed what X-Rays showed–no fracture. They are dealing with significant soft tissue injuries to the right elbow that continue to heal. HB5 won’t be moved to a flight room until the injuries are completely healed to lessen the chance of re-injury. As in people–even when skin heals over, it takes a bit longer for underlying tissue to heal–especially around a joint. The eaglet is off all medications and has plenty of room to exercise. HB5’s digs in the rehab room are open to the outside and provide a pretty natural environment: the sounds of other eagles being rehabbed can be heard. There’s also access to water, giving HB5 the opportunity to bathe at will–which he/she enjoys doing. AEF plans to update us if anything changes–which we are not expecting in the next week or so. We will share any updates we receive.


5 thoughts on “Update on condition of the injured eaglet HB5 from Harrison Bay – good progress!”

  1. WOO!HOO! Life is good. Thank you for bringing this AWESOME news to our attention.Tears of joy rolling down my face.

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