8 thoughts on “Video: Decorah Eagles – Nest under repeated attack by Owl? – incl slow motion”

  1. Don’t know if anyone else is on-line, but it’s been over half and hour, the owls are still hooting and the babies are clearly distressed – one is continually crying and must still be traumatized after the attack of the 13th. The one good thing is that one of the parents is nearby because it has been sounding warning calls several times, I assume because of the owls nearby. I hear the birds waking up so it must be close to dawn, finally! Can’t help but worry about these babies at night now!

  2. It is 1:58 am Pacific Time and I am listening to repeated owl noises on the website. The eaglets are all asleep and I hope they get through the night safely!

  3. To the others who commented. I too am worrying – imagine it is on my mind…and yes, not a thing we can do. Poor little guy that kept getting bombarded. Here’s hoping the owl goes elsewhere…

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